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The British Council are the UK's international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations.

Our purpose is to build mutually beneficial relationships between people in the UK and other countries and to increase appreciation of the UK’s creative ideas and achievements. This work is driven by our strong belief in internationalism, a commitment to professionalism and an enthusiasm for creativity. These qualities, coupled with our integrity and our conviction that cultural relations can help individuals and the world community to thrive, make the British Council a good partner and a special place to work.

So, whether you are aiming to learn the English language in your country or in the UK, seeking for funding your studies, asking for assistance in searching a course in the UK, requiring a UK exam, or willing to know about the UK arts scene, we are in Beirut as in other 220 cities around the globe running such operations and many other activities.

In Lebanon, we:

  1. Promote UK education
  2. Teach English to young learners and adults
  3.  Work with teachers on developing their skills
  4. Provide learning opportunities for professionals
  • Offer IELTS and Cambridge University examinations
  • Administer UK’s university and professional examinations
  • Run competitive scholarships for postgraduate studies in the UK
  • Enhance education programmes and access to UK expertise in English language
  • Create opportunities and foster partnerships between Lebanon and the UK in areas of creativity, society and education
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