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Goethe-Institut wishes to enhance their cultural cooperation with the aim of spreading German culture through language courses,

the organization of a wide variety of cultural activities in the city of Tripoli and promoting the role of Dialogpunkt Deutsch in the cultural life of Tripoli.  Therefore, the two parties agree:

The German dialogue points established to extend the network of up-to-date information about Germany to a greater number of important centers in the North Africa/Middle East region. Dialogue points are designed particularly to invite young people from the Arab world to get to know Germany better by providing free access to information.

Dialogue points are mainly opened in places where there is no Goethe Institute or where the local office has no information and library department. There are currently dialogue points in Amman (Jordan), Asyut (Egypt), Baghdad and Erbil (Iraq), Khartoum (Sudan), Marrakech and Tanga (Morocco), Oran (Algeria), Sana and Aden (Yemen), Tehran (Iran), Tunis (Tunisia) and Tripoli (Lebanon).

The basic equipment for a dialogue point is as follows:
• a core German-language collection of reference works (ca. 1400 titles = books and electronic media)
• a collection of contemporary German literature, introductory works in the fields of history, culture and society, as well as illustrated books on German cities and countryside
• a selection of German literature in Arabic translation
• a collection of ‘German as a Foreign Language' material
• a daily newspaper/magazine and a weekly newspaper/magazine
• a selection of specialist journals,
• a selection of video films (incl. players)
• a selection of music and spoken-word recordings (incl. players)
• internet workstations
• a lounge and spaces for discussion and conversation
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