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The Russian cultural center was established in the early 50s of the last century. The center is considered as one of the first foreign cultural centers established in Lebanon. Introducing the Russian and soviet society to Lebanon by merging the two cultures in exchange for expertise fields. This activity was appraised by the majority of the Lebanese as it was through the center and all the affiliated associations such as Soviet Union and Russian universities as well as the Lebanese Russian friendship association later on, the center was affiliated then to soviet NGO’s.

Several schools and studios targeting all ages are active in the Russian Cultural Center. Both Russian and Arabic are being taught, as well as schools teaching various activities such as arts, sports, computer studies and much more. The Russian Cultural Center opened branches in several Lebanese regions such as Baalbeck, Nabatiyeh, Baakline and Tripoli.

The Russian Cultural Centers Tripoli branch is located in Safadi Cultural Center. It offers Russian Language courses for all ages.  Also, it organizes various cultural events and activates throughout the year targeting a wide audience.

 For more information please contact Russian Cultural Center located in Beirut at 01-790212

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