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Safadi Foundation currently operates on the scope of 4 sectors:  Rural Development and Sustainable Agriculture, Culture, Education and Social Development. 

1. Rural Development and Sustainable Agriculture Sector:

The Rural Development and Sustainable Agriculture sector operates through the Rural Development and Agriculture Quality Center in Akkar which offers several facilities such as an ICT training room, laboratories, Akkar Apiculture Center and a vegetable and fruit sorting and packaging lot. Its activities include extension services offering better agricultural practices, farmer to farmer knowledge transfer and exchange, reforestation campaigns, facilitating the implementation and integration of new agricultural technologies and a demo soil-less greenhouse.

2. Culture Sector:

The Cultural Sector’s main base of work is located at the Safadi Cultural Center that offers an auditorium, a North Hall, classrooms, Tripoli Hall and terrace and Al Mouna Library – a public library that holds a valuable collection of over 10,000 resources, internet access and audiovisual material, a study space and a children’s library. The sector organizes hundreds of cultural events yearly, such as concerts, exhibitions, theater performances and activities for children in collaboration with international cultural centers, embassies and universities.

3. Education Sector

The Education sector has three main programs to meet its objectives. The first program is the Skills Building Program which includes5 ICT and English Learning Centers throughout North Lebanon. The second is the Academic and Career Support Program which includes a Leadership project for youth and alternative education in collaboration with the Lebanese American University (LAU) to offer the Continuing Education Program in North Lebanon. Finally, the third program is the Learning Environment Program within which the Foundation has improved school infrastructure of public schools across the region.

4. Social Development Sector

 The Social Development sector has 3 main programs to meet its objectives, the Women’s Program, the Youth Program and the Local Development Program. The three programs are implemented in its main facilities located in marginalized communities of Tripoli: the Women’s Academy to empower women and activate their participation, and Shababouna Center to empower youth who are at risk.

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