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Al-Moutahed Club was founded and established in 2001. The clubs management office is located at the Safadi Cultural Center on the 3rd floor and in the Sport center also within the premises.

Al-Moutahed Club aims on promoting the development of sports in Tripoli and in North Lebanon to strengthen the presence of Tripoli in the Lebanese sports life and in order to in order to revive Lebanese basketball by bringing in the best players. The clubs activities range from a kids basketball school, a competitive men’s basketball, a women’s basketball team to other various several cultural and social programs. After ten years of hard work and strategic planning, Al-Moutahed Tripoli club has gained support of many fans and has become a greatly supported and is part of  the  Lebanese Basketball League 1st division.

Al-Moutahed club functions on the basis of four general principles. These principles are as such. Firstly and most importantly, respect for sportsmanship on the concept of cooperation. Secondly place extreme emphasis on sports as a stepping stone to creating a stable society. Thirdly, activate youth participation in all of north of Lebanon. Last but not least, attracting athletes in order to encourage them to develop their skills and show off their capabilities.

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